Contact us at: +1 (713) 545-2222

Contact us at: +1 (713) 545-2222

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Frequently Asked Questions

I understand the huge importance of being open, transparent and honest. Therefore, whenever I’m asked a question, I respond to it directly to the person asking, and then add it to my FAQ’s page. Please take a moment to read through the questions below. I’m sure you’ll find some questions you have already thought to ask, and others you may have not even considered asking! If your question is not answered, click here to connect with me and ask me directly. I will take your call or respond as soon as possible.

If your Question Is Not Answered Below,
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Event Planners

  • Where are you based?

    Houston, Texas is my "official" base. However, I make several trips annually to Europe, the Middle East, India, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.
  • What is your speaking fee?

    This is a hard question for me to answer with a set fee.
    Because I work in different markets with different economies...I also offer different services during an event and each of these services has different fees.
    May I start by suggesting this may not be the right question to ask!
    Perhaps a better question is: Are your speaking fees negotiable?And the answer for this question is ABSOLUTELY!
    I've spoken in events where my fee was $15K and others where my fee was $5K. You might be wondering... 
    Why such a big difference?
    There are many variables that need to be considered before I can answer your question...
    For example:- How many participants are there on the event?- What are your expectations?- What are the dates of your event?- Do you want follow-up sessions?- Where would your event be?- Do you want me to do a Keynote or a break-out session?- Do you want me to do both?- Am I the only speaker?- Do you work with sponsors?- How long will the event be?- Is your audience paying to participate at the event?
    And these are just a few of the possible variables...
    Before we discuss the fees, I would like to know more about your event. That's why, I would be happy to jump on a call with you, listen to your requirements, and negotiate a fee that is fair for you and for me.
    In addition, I want you to know the following:- I ALWAYS think win-win- My fee will ALWAYS be below the value I provide- My fee will be fair for your market's economic situation- There are many creative ways to reach a win-win agreement- I understand every event and every client is different
    I look forward to talking to our conversation.
  • Do you speak 'pro bono' (for free)?

    The answer to this question is YES and NO. 
    I DO NOT speak for free yet I understand you might not have a budget allocated for a speaker.
    Rarely do I accept "exposure" as a currency yet I love to get ACCESS!
    - Who do you know that might be interesting for me to meet?
    If you are asking me to forego my fee, what will you be able to do for me in return? Exposure, Introductions, Travel, Accommodations, Destination Speaking, Trade booth space.
    There are MANY creative ways to have me speak at your event without paying my speaker's fee.  
    As long as we can find a fair solution, I am happy to consider the possibility of waving my speaking fee. I have worked in countries where barter and trade are common currency, so rest assured I have an open mind on this matter and will happily discuss different possibilities.
  • What's your travel expenses policy?

    I am very flexible on this matter. I am happy traveling economy, yet I always appreciate an upgrade.
    I am an experienced traveler and often I can find ways to get to your destination without YOU paying for my trip. I am happy to talk to you about this matter and find a fair solution.
  • Do you require a deposit to hold a date?

    I do have a busy agenda and in order to 'lock' a date for you, I would request a small non-refundable deposit.
    We can agree on the amount when we talk on the phone.
    Even though your deposit is non-refundable, I will take it into consideration when we agree in new dates for your event. 
  • What can we expect of you as a speaker?

    I understand how important your event is...
    In addition, I am aware your event offers no do-overs. For this reason, allow me to list everything you can expect from me for your pace-of-mind:
    1. I am easy to work with, & I assure you, I will make you look good.2. I adhere to a strict professional code of ethics3. My presentations are Relevant, Engaging, Motivational, & Fun4. I provide great experiences for your audience5. My content is always fresh, invigorating and relevant6. I understand the events industry. You will not have to worry7. I will be always prepared. I am a pro, 38 years experience8. I will make you look good in every way possible.9. I will make your entire organization look great10. I customize my content to your audience 11. I am eloquent, articulate and deliver my message with impact 12. I can fill more than one spot on your event (training, breakouts)13. I will am available for your audience before & after the event14. I may use appropriate and clean humor to accentuate an idea15. I am flexible and adaptable with last-minute changes16. I am not an ego speaker, My job is to make YOU look great17. I love creating positive experiences for audiences18. I am ALWAYS audience-centered not 'me' centered19. I will work to be the best speaker you've ever hired20. I will always have your best interest in mind
    Question: What other speaker do you know who can GUARANTEE everything I mentioned above?

Corporate Engagements

  • Do you offer free training sample sessions?

    This is possible, I am o please you from step 1
    A physical onsite meeting depends on your location. I would certainly be happy to offer a 30 - 60minute training sample to your executive team if that is what you require. 
    I can also do a sample in a webinar format. This might be easier and more cost-effective. It is not the same but will it can give your executives a better idea of my speaking style and what I can provide for your organization.
  • Are your presentations bespoke to our needs?

    I am not a "canned" presenter...
    Before the event, I will make sure we set up time so you can tell me about the outcome you want from the event. I will research your company, your industry and prepare my material to make sure YOU obtain the outcome we agreed on.
  • Do you offer follow-up after an event?

    In my experience, if there is no follow-up, people will forget what they learned during the event in less than a week. I offer multiple follow-up possibilities and I will make sure we cover this issue when we talk on the phone.
  • Can you design a training program for us?

    I am glad you asked...
    I LOVE designing training courses for organizations of all sizes on the following subjects:
    - Identity theft - Cyber Security- Key Person of Influence- Workplace Bullying Prevention & Civility- Inclusion - Diversity- Team building- Team MasterMind Mentoring
    My educational material is instructional and very easy to implement. 
    My focus is IMPLEMENTATION and I will guide your team every step of the way until you reach the goals we set for the educational program. 
    Let's connect, I love to get involved in projects where I can create a big positive impact on an organization.
  • Do you also offer corporate retreats?

    I am available for training your entire team. I can do multiple sessions if you perfer smaller groups rotating sessions.
    So the answer is YES! 
    Lets discuss how I can help you make your management retreat a complete success.
  • Do you offer consulting services?

    Yes! I have a page dedicated to answer this specific question. Please call me to find out more about my consulting services.

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